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Watch TV Over 20 Hours Per Week Will Decrease Sperm Quantity

Men, what do you do in your spare time? If you spend much time watching television, you should begin to reduce this habit. For a study of male sperm called reduced if watching television more than 20 hours every week.

In a study conducted by U.S. researchers, 189 young men aged 18-22 years were asked involved. They got a question about exercise and diet undertaken, and the habit of watching television. They were also asked to provide a sperm sample.

The study found the men who watched TV for 20 hours or more per week had sperm counts 44 percent lower than men less time in front of television or who did not watch TV. It is well known men who exercise 15 hours or more per week, with moderate to heavy levels of exercise, on average, have a 73 percent higher sperm count than men who exercised less than 5 hours per week.

The research was published online in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, as quoted by AFP on Tuesday (02/05/2013).

The bad news in the 'world of sperm' is the quality of cement that seems to have decreased over the past few decades. It was the result of a study conducted in several countries.

Not known for sure why semen quality decreases. But scientists suspect that sedentary lifestyle or less active in making semen quality decreases. Because exercise can stimulate the production of hormones, such as testosterone, which is necessary in order to obtain seminal fluid and sperm cells healthy. Besides stress in men can also drastically cut the amount of sperm by inhibiting the production of testosterone.

Department of Preventative Medicine and Public Health, University of Murcia, Spain is also doing research on sperm. The results obtained are spermatozoid concentration decreased an average of two percent per year. Spermatozoid concentration of less than 40 million / ml is known to reduce fertility and difficulty of an egg.

Alberto Torres Cantero, lead researcher in the study believe that the trend is associated with an increasingly unhealthy diet plus high stress levels. Moreover, men today are more often exposed to electromagnetic radiation, likes to wear tight clothing, as well as exposure to chemicals that can cause a decrease in sperm count.

In order to get healthy sperm, so men need to do to improve nutrition and lifestyle that is always active.

The Relation Between Fat Man & Osteoporosis

Having belly fat can not only make it feel less confident about its looks, but also puts a higher health risk. For men, belly fat has also been associated with the risk of bone loss. "It's important for men to realize that excess abdominal fat is not only a risk factor for heart disease and diabetes, teapi is also a risk factor for bone loss," says Miriam Bredella, a radiologist at Massachusetts General Hospital and professor at Harvard Medical School, Boston.

The number of men who are overweight at the age of 20 years had started to increase. Obesity is associated with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, asthma, sleep apnea and joint diseases. Increased body weight increases the risk of bone loss is higher. Bredella led a study of 35 obese men with an average age of 34 years to figure out the link between belly fat that has accumulated the bone condition. Studies have only focused on women only, so this is the first study the relation in men.

The results were significant for participants who have a distended abdomen, the condition of brittle bones faster. Distended stomach caused by fatty deposits or intra-abdominal visceral, which is a type of fat that lies deep under the muscle tissue in the abdominal cavity. Things that affect the accumulation of visceral fat is genetic, unhealthy diet, and physical inactivity. Excess visceral fat is considered particularly dangerous, because in previous studies has been associated with an increased risk for heart disease.

An observational study has also been determined that excess visceral fat is a risk factor for osteoporosis. The researchers measured the abdominal fat of study participants and study its impact on bone strength. These findings were presented at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), as quoted from health.india, Thursday (11/29/2012).

Not All Dairy Products Have Good Benefits for Bone Health

There are a lot of dairy products sold in the community. But even though both contain milk in it, does not mean all dairy products may improve bone health.

The research team found that consumption of dairy products especially milk and yoghurt associated with bone mineral density (bone mineral density / BMD) are higher on the hips, but not in the spine.

Other findings in this study also shows not all dairy products can provide advantages in promoting bone strength. On the other hand cream products as a whole have a bone mineral density is lower.

"Milk provides essential nutrients that are beneficial for bone health. Yet creams and products such as ice cream has a higher fat and sugar," says Shivani Sahni, PhD, Musculoskeletal Research Team, Institute for Aging Research (Ifar), as quoted by Medindia Tuesday (05/02/2013).

In this study, the provision of 2.5 to 3 servings of milk and yogurt intake per day was associated with better bone density. As for the cheese further research is needed because some of them contain high levels of sodium and high fat.

The research was based on data collected from 3212 participants comparing dairy intake with bone mineral density measurements, and see the benefits.

Given the nutritional composition varies among dairy products. But if someone chooses low-fat milk or yogurt may increase their intake of protein, calcium and vitamin D, as well as limiting the intake of saturated fats.

The results of these studies support the notion that proper nutrition can help fight osteoporosis and fractures. The findings are published in the journal Archives of Osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is considered as one of the threats to public health. If low bone density, the risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures, especially of the spine, hip and wrist higher. For this condition women are at higher risk than men.

Walking 10 Minutes and Simply Sleep, Heart Attack Risk Can be Reduced by 50%

The risk of cardiovascular disease will continue to haunt anyone, no matter any healthy as you. And a way to reduce this risk is very diverse and the average easy to do. One is the familiar walk for 10 minutes every day.

Even the method is claimed to reduce the risk of heart attack by 50 percent.

"When I say nearly 80 percent of heart disease can be prevented, many are surprised to hear that. Though there are many things we can do every day that seem trivial but it can give a real difference in order to keep our heart healthy," said Dr.. Martha Grogan from the Mayo Clinic.

Grogan also stressed that inactive lifestyle or sedenter may increase the risk of heart attack as much as smoking. But this risk can be reduced only by the simple act of choosing to come to the table to discuss the work of co-workers directly rather than just sending an email.

"Moving, even just 10 minutes a day, for someone who had been living sedenter can reduce the risk of heart attack by 50 percent," he concluded, as quoted by the Daily Mail, Tuesday (02/05/2013).

Agree with Grogan, other heart experts, Virend Somers also revealed that in addition sufficient hours of sleep is also vital for heart health.

"Sleep is a necessity, as well as food and water. Was not a luxury in itself," he said.

To emphasize the importance of lifestyle changes, other experts from the Mayo Clinic, Dr.. Randal Thomas explains, "High blood pressure is dangerous, that's why the 53-year-old male smokers higher chance of heart attack by as much as 20 percent in the past 10 years."

"But you are still given a second chance by switching to a healthy lifestyle because it will reduce the risk of heart attack significantly," he concluded.

Beware, Flu Can Increase Risk of Heart Complications

There is a reason why doctors are so concerned about the condition of patients who have a weak heart during the winter. Winter lasts for months to make flu virus more easily transmitted and can increase the risk of heart complications. The cause is the flu can increase stress, which in turn will increase your heart rate and blood pressure. This condition can certainly increase the pressure on the heart and makes the heart that is not healthy is more prone to heart attacks.

In addition, as reported Sheknows, Tuesday (05/02/2013), the flu also attacks the immune system and form plaques in blood vessels that supply blood to the heart.
As a result, the heart will become weaker and increasing the risk of heart disease. Symptoms of heart disease is also very similar to the flu, such as fatigue, shortness of breath, nausea and sweating. So important for those who are known to have a weak heart, to determine whether these symptoms are a sign of a common cold or a more serious heart disease.

Usually people who have the common cold will usually experience symptoms such as coughing, chest discomfort, sore throat, and nasal congestion or runny.
While the flu that has hurt the heart can cause tightness in the chest, shortness of breath, nausea, indigestion, sleep disturbances, jaw pain, arm pain, palpitations and anxiety.Experts generally recommend that people with a weak heart to be more careful during flu season.
Flu vaccination can help reduce the likelihood of transmission of the flu virus, and can ease the severity of symptoms.
In fact, two recent studies have shown that people who receive injections of flu vaccination can reduce the risk of heart disease. In addition to the stress on the body caused by the flu, other conditions such as fever, dehydration, and rapid heart rate may be able to expose and exacerbate heart conditions.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Chemical Reactions in the Brain When Orgasm

Many couples who think sex is not perfect if they could not reach orgasm. No wonder because orgasm is a sexual climax.

When the orgasm came, almost all parts of the body part to react, including the brain. In a study using brain scans (MRI) of the woman who was to masturbate, it is known that when the "explosion" of orgasm came, there was a similar reaction flame fireworks on New Year's Eve in the brain.

Let us see what are the chemical responses in the brain during our sexual encounters.

- The first touch
In the genital sensory parts of the brain will be stimulated. Apparently, clitoris, vagina, and cervix area will stimulate different parts of the brain. This means that, each section can produce their own orgasm. Therefore, stimulating genital parts would trigger a more intense orgasm.

- Stimulation continues
The continued stimulation activates the hippocampus, the part of the brain that evoke memory. In addition, the amygdala part of the brain, which is associated with the expression of intense emotions and feelings, to participate actively.

- Almost there
In the early part of orgasm, small brain will trigger strong physical sensation in the pelvis, buttocks, and stomach. While part of the brain that governs planning and abstract thought wasting more and more sexual fantasies. Specific brain areas will also produce substances antinyeri so that you feel only pleasure.

- Peak pleasures
The hypothalamus will produce oxytocin, triggering uterine contractions, causing the sensation of a powerful orgasm. Whole body muscle also will contract during orgasm. At this moment oxytocin, otherwise known as the love hormone will cause a feeling of an intimate and in a partner.

- After orgasm
After the peak sensations, things slowly began to decline. Blood pressure, heart rate, pulse and breathing slowly returned to normal.

7 Things to Increase Libido

Long before he discovered a passion enhancing drugs, such as Viagra and the like, human history records several types of food and drink that is believed to boost sex drive, the asparagus, coffee, and ginseng. In fact, there is a snack enhancer passion to try.

Ritual sex is a good time for all couples. Cursory peck on the lips or a little scruff sweep is enough fire burning libido or desire for sex. However, when it becomes a routine, it could be would emerge comment, "Well, really it again, again!"

If it is so, all couples would need to explore more creative imagination. Trying different styles ala kamasutra sex can be very challenging and exciting. Maybe that's a solution that can be selected, but "strange force" is not impossible that it triggers the problem.

There is a much simpler but no less powerful effect, ie some type of food or drink that can boost sexual arousal. Asparagus, red pepper, chocolate, coffee, ginkgo, ginseng, and oysters believed to be a natural Viagra to increase the rate of arousal and libido.

Here's the full description:

1. Asparagus
This special vegetable vitamin E proved to be the potential supplier. Vitamin E is often associated with increased sexual hormone production. Besides processed into a variety of tasty dishes, asparagus also has an excellent nutritional content. In addition to vitamin E, asparagus also contains minerals, calcium, potassium, and vitamins A and D.

Vegetables are low in calories, whether you are being taken for diet therapy. Very high fiber content. The fiber in the asparagus can bind cancer-causing carcinogens, also helped smooth the body's digestive process, so you are free from interference constipation or difficult bowel movements.

Several scientific institutions have been conducting clinical trials on asparagus. Evidently these vegetables can improve male fertility. Asparagines amino acids stimulate the kidneys rid the body metabolism. Other active substances believed to improve blood circulation and helps release fat deposits in blood vessel walls. Very good consumed them with acne, eczema, as well as suffering from kidney and prostate.

The best way to cook asparagus is to steam so that the flavor and vitamins are not lost. Be careful, do not cook too long so it did not turn out to be bitter. Before cooking, wash first under running water, then break the bottom hard.

2. Cayenne pepper
Could be a red chili is a fitting analogy to describe the libido that is always lit or hot. Rich with content of capsaicin, the chemical that gives mempu positive stimulus on employment so as to improve the working of nerve blood flow and reduce pain in the joints.

In 1997, Dr. Michael Catherine, scientists from the United States Department of Cell and Molecular Pharmacology University of California, San Francisco, examined the chemical content of peppers called capsaicin. Research linking a spicy chili with increasing passion for stimulant capsaicin.

Though useful libido, chili consumption should be limited, especially for those who have problems with digestion, stomach and intestinal disorders. Benefit chili sauce mixed in the form of fresh vegetables or fresh tomatoes.

3. Brown
It has long been identified as a chocolate snack that can increase arousal and libido, both men and women. The reason is because chocolate contains phenylethylamine, a natural antidepressant and stimulant compounds andrenalin often called the "love molecule".

Chocolate is known by his fans is more "fun" than most hot kiss though. The study conducted by British researchers believe one thing, letting the chocolate melt in your mouth proved to increase the heart rate and boost arousal more than kissing. This conclusion is revealed David Lewis, a psychologist from The American Mind Lab.

The study involved 12 volunteers ranging in age from 25's. They were asked to wear heart monitors and electrodes mounted on the head, to measure heart rate and brain activity. The researchers then analyzed the recordings of brain activity and heart rate of volunteers.

As a result, even a passionate kiss could not match the passion that is obtained when the chocolate melts in the mouth. Stimuli were created when the chocolate melts in the mouth proved to be able to send the sensor to all areas of the brain are much more intense than the sensations that arise while kissing.

The study of dark chocolate and sexual arousal has also been conducted by Dr. Andrea Salonia. In a meeting of the European Society for Sexual Medicine, late last year, the Italian researchers suggests that chocolate can make the mood more fulfilled as predicted contains more than 300 chemical substances, including caffeine in small amounts, terobomin, and phenylethylamine (a stimulant related to amphetamines) , which proved to be able to raise interest and sexual function.

4. Coffee
Everyone knows, the original coffee contains caffeine high. The use of a limited number, (no more than two cups a day) caffeine is also associated with sexual arousal and energy.

Researchers from Southwestern University, Texas, USA, revealed that coffee can boost women's libido. To benefit, you do not need to be a coffee addict. For some people who can not stand the effects of the caffeine of coffee, it is advisable to choose the coffee types cappuccino or mocha. When you like, add a little milk or honey.

5. Ginkgo
Herba this one is very popular and is often associated with the ability to improve memory. In particular, the sex life, ginkgo works as an antidepressant or make so relaxed.

Ginkgo has kamampuan increase blood flow to help maintain a perfect erection. According to the Journal of Sex Education and Therapy, a study involving a number of male impotence, that the consumption of ginkgo biloba showed positive effects after six weeks. After six months, half of the respondents get their erections back.

In general, the use of ginkgo extract in the form of a mixture to be heated beverages or other herb. Ginkgo extract can be found in traditional drugstores and sinse.

6. Ginseng
Almost the same as ginkgo, ginger herb is a tonic for the body to produce nitric oxide, a key compound in the process of erection. There are three types of ginseng, the ginseng called china or korea asia ginseng (Panax ginseng), American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius), and Siberian ginseng (E. senicosus).

The Chinese believe, potent immune-boosting ginseng, increase sexual desire, brain function, increase energy, vitality, and stamina. Ginseng also facilitate the flow of blood circulation. Ginseng is available in the form of tea that can be drunk with milk, sugar, honey, or juice blend.

7. Oyster
It would be the type of seafood (seafood) who deserve to be called sexy or sensual snack snack. Among the general public, oysters have long been famous as a male libido enhancer.

A high content of tin can improve sperm production and testosterone in the male body. Not only that, the oysters also contain dopamine, a hormone that will encourage sexual satisfaction.

How to cook: wash and clean any debris from the oyster shells under running water. Remove it and place it on the ice. If you prefer, could splash a little lemon juice. The oysters were ready to be enjoyed. If you do not like in raw form, can be boiled or steamed oysters

Want a Healthy Heart? Avoid These Foods

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the world. In America, every 39 seconds a person dies from the disease. In addition to a healthy lifestyle, what we eat has a big impact on heart health.

These are the 4 types of foods should be avoided if you do not want to suffer from heart disease.

1. Trans fats
Trans fats are the main enemy of the heart. Why is it dangerous? Such as saturated fats, trans fats also increase the levels of bad cholesterol and lowers good cholesterol number. The American Heart Association recommends that fat is limited to less than one percent of total calories. If you eat 2,000 calories a day, you should only be mengasup two grams of trans fat.

The easiest way to reduce trans fats is to avoid foods that contain "hydrogenated oil" or "partially hydrogenated oil" on packaging labels. Other sources of trans fats are margarine, biscuits, snacks, cheese, and so on.

2. Saturated fat
Saturated fat will increase the amount of bad cholesterol so long will form plaque deposits in blood vessels. Limit saturated fat about 5 percent of your total calories.

3. Salt
Restricting salt intake will reduce the risk of high blood pressure. In addition to table salt, a lot of food that tastes away from salty, but actually contain high salt, such as sausage, gravy, canned foods, and much more.

4. Added sugar
Excessive consumption of added sugar in the daily diet will increase the risk of high blood pressure, triglyceride levels, as well as other heart disease risk factors. Added sugar such as corn sugar, honey, fruit juice concentrate, high fructose corn syrup, syrup, and much more.

Most Koreans Love to Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is becoming increasingly popular. In 2011 alone go down 15 million people around the world do this operation. Country South Korea ranks first as the most populated country like doing makeovers body.

In 2012, 20 percent of women aged 19-49 years in the city of Seoul, the capital of South Korea, plastic surgery. The most popular type of surgery is to reduce the excess skin on the upper eyelids (double eyelid surgery) so that the eyes appear wider.

Similarly, according to data from the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS) which has a membership of more than 20,000 plastic surgeons in the world.

An estimated 1 out of 77 women in South Korea plastic surgery. Even Yu-Mi Kim, Miss Korea 2012 admitted he did plastic surgery to improve her appearance for the beauty contest.

He acknowledged the operation after his picture at school that looks very different from its appearance now scattered. "I never said that I was born beautiful," he told the Korean media.

Although in general the most frequent Korean plastic surgery, but the total number of procedures for skin tightening, liposuction, etc., Americans are at the top.

Different countries turned out different operations preferred. For the rich Brazilian beaches, the most popular type of surgery is male breast reduction surgery, buttock implants, and vaginal rejuvenation.

Surgical repair of the nose (rhinoplasty), either make sharp or streamline the nose, is more popular in Asia, such as China, Japan, and South Korea.

While most states breast augmentation surgery is the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, and China. America and Brazil also ranks first for eye skin tightening and downsizing the stomach.

Lipoplasty or procedure for destruction of fat under the skin using sound waves are kind of noninvasive surgery of the most popular in the world. More than 1.2 million performed worldwide producer.

In second place was breast augmentation (1.2 million), operating firming the skin around the eye (703,610) and tummy tuck or tummy tuck in the fourth. In fifth place is rhinoplasty.

Other Forms Shingles Chicken Pox

People who have had chicken pox in childhood was still able to catch shingles in adulthood. Keeping the immune system is the key to preventing infection.

Chicken pox and shingles are caused by the same type of virus, Varicella zoster, but its different serotype. Both diseases that have similar clinical symptoms, preceded by fever and inflammation of the skin that appear characterized by the formation of bubbles filled with water.

According dr.Ari Fahrial, Sp.PD, an expert in internal medicine from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, in contrast to chickenpox, herpes zoster attack only specific neural regions.

"That abnormalities or nodule-bintilnya only in certain body areas or just half of the body. While the chicken pox spread throughout the body," he explained.

In herpes zoster areas of the body most commonly affected include the chest area and arms, although other areas of the body can also be affected.

In addition to rashes on the skin, herpes zoster infection is also characterized by pain in the muscles and bones. The pain caused by nerve stimulation.

Unlike chickenpox, shingles is not very contagious. But the varicella zoster virus is contagious to people who have never had chicken pox. People who are infected will develop chickenpox, not shingles.

Provision of antiviral drugs will speed the healing. Meanwhile vitamin necessary to increase endurance and given an antibiotic ointment to prevent secondary infections of the skin.

Actually chicken pox or herpes zoster can be prevented by vaccination. But in Indonesia, it has not been common. According to Ari, vaccination is only given in the event of an outbreak. Because it's the best way to prevent infection is to maintain optimum body resistance.